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Ecopedagogy Symposium

22 June 2015


Last Week, Dr Ria Dunkley, a Research Associate here at the Sustainable Places Research Institute was invited to Warwick University to give a lecture to staff, students and external guests on the theme of 'ecopedagogy'.

Ecopedagogy is a discourse, a movement, and an approach to education that has emerged from leftist educators in Central and South America that seeks to re-educate "planetary citizens" to care for, respect and take action for all life. It looks at how can we, as citizens of the planet, participate in the creation of a world that we want instead of simply observing those who are profiting off extraction and exploitation.

Ria took part in a symposium called: "Evolving Eco-creative Pedagogies in Living Laboratories: A symposium exploring cross-curricular sustainability learning through 'meadow meanders'". The symposium looked at what could be done to make 'sustainability' the new normal of cross-curricular education in higher education internationally, and what kind of curriculum innovation could ensure that students at key stages in their studies gain access to 'sustainability' practices relevant to their specialist subject.

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