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Experts gather at Net Zero Innovation Institute Town Hall

5 May 2024

The Net Zero Innovation Institute welcomed colleagues to their second annual Town Hall.

Cardiff University joins forces with Cardiff Capital Region for future collaboration

26 April 2024

Cardiff University has signed a groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding with Cardiff Capital Region and other Higher and Further Education institutions from South-East Wales.

Premature baby in incubator

Azithromycin and preventing chronic lung disease in premature babies

26 April 2024

New clinical trial finds definitive answer about using azithromycin to prevent development of chronic lung disease in premature babies.

A group of students and mentors gathered around a conference table

Students benefit from mentoring with Cardiff Innovations businesses

25 April 2024

Cardiff University students have gained valuable insight into the working world through a successful ‘Meet your Mentor’ scheme.

A colony of greater horseshoe bats are photographed hanging from the roof of a cave

Finding bat roosts no longer like searching for “a needle in a haystack”

24 April 2024

Algorithm helps ecologists and conversationists find roosts to support bat populations and their habitats

Hand turning thermostat

More support needed to help households transition to green energy, research concludes

23 April 2024

Feelings of stress and precarity make it difficult for people to think about transition in practice

woman's hand using a mobile phone

Early chances to identify terrorists are being missed due to inadequacies in UK data sharing laws, research concludes

23 April 2024

Organisations not legally obliged to share information on fraudulent activities under current framework

Two police officers

14% reduction in serious violence in England and Wales

22 April 2024

New data show a 14% decrease in violence related injury between 2022 and 2023

A student wearing sunglasses, a red Cardiff University hoodie and jeans poses for a photograph outside the Centre for Student Life building on Park Place in Cardiff

Fostering a diverse and inclusive cyber community

16 April 2024

Postgraduate student recognised at UK awards ceremony

Inside a modern prison

Improved support needed for PTSD in Welsh prisons

10 April 2024

A new study finds variations in access to support for prisoners with traumatic stress in Welsh prisons

Two young women and one young man pose for a photograph with their awards at STEM for BRITAIN 2024 in Westminster.

Doctoral student picks up bronze award for physics at STEM for BRITAIN 2024

28 March 2024

Sama Al-Shammari presented her research to MPs at the Westminster event

Red blood cells

£2.3 million for breakthrough acute myeloid leukaemia treatment

27 March 2024

A £2.3 million Medical Research Council grant will advance innovative new approach to treating acute myeloid leukaemia.

Young man shakes hands with someone just out of shot

“You were the only one, from the beginning, who really talked to me.”

26 March 2024

Survivors of child trafficking share the importance of independent guardians for their protection and recovery

A young girl wearing a lab coat and safety goggles stands between two jars of blue and green liquid holding a pipette.

What kind of scientist will you be?

26 March 2024

Event invites children and young people to consider careers in STEM