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Sleeping doormouse

Biodiversity vital for future of Wales

10 October 2018

Report explores wider benefits of conservation efforts

Glauberg dig team

Unearthing new skills

10 October 2018

Passion for archaeology sets retired science teacher on new path of discovery

Britain break-up

May’s ‘Precious Union’ has little support in Brexit Britain

9 October 2018

New research casts doubt on future of a United Kingdom


Timeless innovation

9 October 2018

3D printing transforms watchmaking

Jupiter's moon

Icy warning for space missions to Jupiter’s moon

8 October 2018

Scientists suggest fields of 15 metre-high shards of ice could exist on Europa’s surface, posing a threat to future landing missions

Graham Hutchings

Cardiff’s £7m role researching greener planet

8 October 2018

Funding boost for UK Catalysis Hub

Image of scrap metal from appliances

Serious climate change mitigation is likely to reshape everyday life in unexpected ways

8 October 2018

Can we rethink how and when we access household products to tackle climate change?

Port Talbot steelworks

€4M funding awarded to drive skills in steel industry

5 October 2018

Cardiff University research aims to secure the future of a changing workforce

International fellows

University hosts future scientific leaders

4 October 2018

Boost for international partnerships as early career researchers take up prestigious fellowships at Cardiff University

Loren Williams

Path to success

3 October 2018

Record number of adult learners progress from ‘pathway’ programme to degree