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Former student takes up top architecture school post

10 March 2014

Students should design for wellbeing of society says new head of the Welsh School of Architecture.

Fracnis Maude MP Cardiff University

Mapping cities of the future

7 March 2014

University research is laying the foundation for more efficient future cities.

GW4 logo

GW4 Building Communities Fund launched

7 March 2014

New GW4 research fund to tackle world’s ‘grand challenges’.

Solar activity influences climate change

Solar activity influences climate change, say scientists

7 March 2014

Sun’s energy influences 1,000 years of natural climate variability in North Atlantic.

Why do we find commuting so horribly stressful?

6 March 2014

Dr Daniel Newman, RA, Sustainable Places Research Institute, on the stresses of commuting.

Radical new approach to training and retaining doctors in Wales

6 March 2014

New patient-focused curriculum to transform how doctors are trained.


University announces headline sponsorship deal with Tafwyl

5 March 2014

Cardiff commits £22k as part of a three-year headline sponsorship deal.

Muslims in Britain faces

Cardiff offers first Massive Open Online Course

5 March 2014

Sign up for free 'Muslims in Britain' course.

Lucinda Hawksley

Listening to voices from the past

4 March 2014

Dickens descendent to call for reclaiming of the word ‘feminist’.

WAVE logo

Gender segregation in Wales

4 March 2014

Research uncovers full extent of gender segregated working.