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Sir Terry Matthews

Sir Terry Matthews hosts cancer summit

24 July 2013

European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute unveils new cancer-fighting strategy.


Revealing Cardiff's hidden powerhouse

24 July 2013

Caerau hillfort uncovered by CAER Heritage project.


Scientists edge closer towards first pancreatitis treatment

23 July 2013

20,000 people admitted to UK hospitals annually with pancreatitis.

New poll reveals Labour on course for election victory in Wales

23 July 2013

End-of-term assessment of where parties stand in Wales.

Colliers' canaries

Modern-day colliers' canaries

22 July 2013

Pollutant residues in the eggs of wild song-birds among highest ever found.

cancer hijack

Cancer hijack

18 July 2013

New stem cell insights could hold key to breast cancer therapies.


Secrets of bee honeycombs revealed

18 July 2013

Researchers find how honeycombs build themselves.

Dr Tom Magrain

Detecting sight loss

17 July 2013

University scientists enlist stargazing technology to help detect common cause of sight loss


The King Louie effect

17 July 2013

Babies socially motivated to learn at much younger age than previously thought.


A green energy future

16 July 2013

University report finds large majority of public support moves to an efficient, clean, fair, and safe energy.