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Dr Daniel Smith & Dr Ian Jones

Beating bipolar disorder

16 August 2013

University developed tool goes free online

Students by Glamorgan

In the summertime

14 August 2013

How the university keeps ticking over the summer months


What does death feel like?

14 August 2013

Cardiff experts comment on study of the brain moments before death.

Hello to the College Registrars

14 August 2013

This month we meet the three College Registrars to find out more about them and how they are settling into their new roles.


New weapon to thwart 'bushmeat' trade

14 August 2013

DNA enters the fight against illegal hunting of primates.

New staff discounts on part-time courses

14 August 2013

Staff to pay concessionary fee for Lifelong Learning courses.

Julian Halcox

Taking the charity plunge

13 August 2013

Taking the charity plunge

Students browsing brochure

Satisfied students

13 August 2013

Cardiff students remain Wales' most satisfied in annual survey.

distinguished lecture series

Violence as emotional dominance

9 August 2013

Eminent sociologist tackles causes behind violent situations in Distinguished Lecture.

Young people and devolution in Wales

9 August 2013

Young voters still 'don't know' about devolution a decade and a half on.