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University’s starring role

31 August 2012

Time Lord fans keep your eyes peeled for some familiar locations in the latest series of Doctor Who. In addition to filming on campus earlier in the year, the team behind the hit BBC One series were back at Cardiff University recently putting the final touches to the Christmas Special.

Woman digging in an archaeological trench at Ham Hill

Iron-age hillfort reveals its secrets

30 August 2012

Excavations at Britain’s largest prehistoric hillfort have given archaeologists from Cardiff and Cambridge universities a glimpse of what life was like inside the fort more than 2000 years ago.

Careers and employability support

23 August 2012

Cardiff University’s recent graduation celebrations blended the enthusiasm and exuberance of some 5,000 graduates with the spectacle of degree ceremonies in St David’s Hall.

Scandalous shipping industry conditions exposed

23 August 2012

An updated version of Coleridge’s classic The Rime of the Ancient Mariner reveals poor training, undercrewing, long hours and fatigue in the modern international shipping industry.

Environmental behaviour

21 August 2012

Promoting the financial benefits of car sharing can inhibit other pro-environmental behaviours, new research led by the University has shown.

New Delhi student awarded Jubilee Scholarship

20 August 2012

A talented student has been awarded a Jubilee Scholarship to study at Cardiff University.

Leopard and bear images

17 August 2012

Rare images of a Sunda clouded leopard and a Malayan sun bear have been taken by Danau Girang Field Centre, run by the School of Biosciences in Borneo.

High flying students

16 August 2012

Outstanding students are set to enrol at the University after receiving their A-Level results today, continuing Cardiff’s record of attracting high-flying undergraduates.

Tuk Tuk world record attempt

15 August 2012

A Cardiff University graduate, who helped found The Tuk Tuk Educational Trust, has begun the UK leg of a round the world expedition promoting and advancing education.

A look back at Graduation 2012

13 August 2012

"Graduation is my favourite time of the year. It's the time where students get to share their accomplishments" Vice-Chancellor, Dr David Grant.