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English for University Study programme

Enrolment and induction information for students on the English for University study programme April 2022.

Many congratulations on gaining your place of study at Cardiff University. This information is about the English for University Study programme. Please read everything carefully and email us at if you have any questions.

Online enrolment

You will need to complete online enrolment before you can begin your studies. Online enrolment can be completed at your SIMS profile. We recommend that you complete online enrolment by Thursday 21 April so that you are free to join in induction activities from Monday 25 April.

School enrolment and induction

Monday 25 April09:30-10:15Deri House

Welcome meeting (new students only)

Welcome Presentation with the English for University Study Programme Course Co-ordinator.

Course orientation (new students only)

A discussion of course expectations, performance, assessment, module content, timetabling and reports with the English for University Study Programme Course Co-ordinator.

 10:20-12:00Deri House

Written assessments (new students only)

 13:00-16:00Deri House

Speaking assessments (new students only)

One-to-one interview with your teacher

Introduction to online learning (new students only)

 13:00-16:30Deri House

Administration team available for student queries

Tuesday 26 April09:00Deri House

Classes begin for all students

Contact us

For more information about your course at Cardiff University, please email