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Postgraduate induction for Architecture students

Enrolment and induction information for the Welsh School of Architecture postgraduate students.

27 September - 1 October: online induction week

Online induction week involves a number of activities that aim to help you:

  • complete your registration
  • familiarise with the online learning platforms used by Cardiff University and Welsh School of Architecture
  • attend compulsory Health and Safety webinars
  • learn about English language classes and, if needed, register for English tutorials
  • familiarise yourself with Cardiff University library resources.

As this is often the week you move and settle into Cardiff (if you have chosen to study here with us) the majority of these activities are planned as pre-recorded online events that you can watch at your convenience.  

This week also has a live-streaming welcome to postgraduate students. The presentation will offer us a chance to meet each other and discuss how blended learning will be delivered by us this year.

All new postgraduate taught students should attend the following online sessions:

Monday 27 September



Introduction and Welcome from the Head of School

Welcome from the Director of Postgraduate Teaching

Welcome from the Head of School and the PGT Director

Join the meeting
Meeting ID: 84213130578
Password: 919091


Welcome from each of the PGT Programme Leaders – including an introduction to the week’s activities

Please follow the appropriate zoom link for your course:

MSc Computational Methods in Architecture
Join the meeting
Meeting ID: 894 4058 1261
Password: 526161

MSc Environmental Design of Buildings
Join the meeting
Meeting ID: 838 1643 5292
Password: 402126

MSc Sustainable Mega Buildings
Join the meeting
Meeting ID: 883 5319 3542
Password: 417138

MA Architectural Design
Join the Meeting
Meeting ID: 890 9747 9684
Password: 770904

MSc Sustainable Building Conservation
Join the meeting
Meeting ID: 657 561 4807
Password: 457623


Blended learning at Cardiff University

View on Xerte

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is a challenging time for students, so we want to ensure that you are fully supported in your learning. Our introduction to Blended learning at Cardiff University (also in the schedule above) will help you to get prepared and address any concerns you may have about what your lessons will look like. If you are working remotely, you can read the Remote learning for students guide, which includes our top 5 tips on remote learning. If you'd like to find out which study skills you might need to focus on first, you can use our self-assessment resource  Assess your academic skills.

Additional academic resources



Writing at Postgraduate Taught Level

Student Intranet: Study > Study Skills > Writing at Postgraduate Taught Level

Free resources from The Open University curated with the Russell Group

SAGE Research methods

Additional asynchronous resources


Introduction to the library

View on Sharepoint

Digital Lab

Digital Fabrication – ARCHI - Welsh School of Architecture ( 

Physical workshopsPhysical Workshops – ARCHI - Welsh School of Architecture (

Access to software at the School

Access to software to be issued at the beginning of the academic year.

Computing equipment and guidanceIT requirements

English Language Support

Online English Language support

Health and Safety in Buildings and Teaching Activities

General safety: Learning Central > ARCHI – Welsh School of Architecture > WSA Student Support Resources and Guidance > Heath, Safety and Environment > General Safety 21/22

Making in the studio: Learning Central > ARCHI – Welsh School of Architecture > WSA Student Support Resources and Guidance > Heath, Safety and Environment > Making in the Studio 21/22

Student Association at the Welsh School of Architecture (SAWSA)

Student union website


Please also see the SAWSA Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Introduction to Health and Wellbeing Support at Cardiff University

See details on the Student Intranet under ‘Health and Wellbeing.’ This includes guidance related to Covid-19.

Virtual Exhibition 2021

WSA on display website

PGT Handbook

Student intranet

Notes about asynchronous resources

While engaging in asynchronous (pre-recorded) events may seem convenient or easy, it is still important to carefully plan your engagement and create the time and the space to participate in all activities. Here are some suggestions for how to do this:

  • You may wish to dedicate particular days of the week to watching online pre-recorded sessions, or a particular times of the day, across all week days. It is for you to plan when, how and where you will engage with all essential components.
  • Please remember that you will need to log into your student intranet using your Cardiff University email address, and access Learning Central to access Blackboard-Collaborate sessions.
  • Online engagement is equally monitored as on-campus engagement, following Cardiff University guidelines. Attending the majority of asynchronous activities is a requirement for the on-campus induction.
  • Prior to your online sessions, make sure that you are able to connect and access the student intranet, Learning Central and relevant Blackboard Collaborate platforms, and that you are adequately equipped to join any typical live-streaming events (e.g. skype, zoom, messenger chat, etc). As personal IT equipment and internet connections may vary, please make sure that you are able to participate in video chat with both video and audio input/output. Finally, we would also like to recommend that you use a cable internet connection, as WIFI ones are more unpredictable.
  • If you encounter any problems please contact our IT support at: using your university email account.
  • If for any reason, you are unable to attend the live-streaming events, please know that all of them will be recorded and will become available in the days that follow.

Programme specific arrangements

In addition to the above general resources, there are programme-specific induction activities scheduled. Information on these activities will be sent by programme leaders to each cohort in due course.

Free English language support for international students

Our in-sessional team of qualified and experienced teachers provides free live online classes to international students whose first language is not English.

The Welsh School of Architecture provides weekly in-sessional classes to postgraduate students.

Classes focus on writing skills and communication skills. They are designed to help you perform better in the type of assignments you have to complete in your subject.

To apply for a place in a support class, you MUST complete the form which will be sent to you via email from the Teaching Office

We will then contact you before lessons begin. If you are allocated a place in class, we will send you full information about times and the online platform. All classes will take place online using Zoom.

Studying in another language and culture can be challenging at times, so it’s good to get some help.  If you are given a place in class, you should attend regularly to benefit fully from the support available to you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The In-sessional Team