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Looking after yourself

The transition to university life can bring lots of opportunities, which can be easy for some, and tougher for others.

Common experiences

  • homesickness as you settle into a new way of living and being away from home
  • difficulty adjusting to student life, as your routine will change to fit your new timetable
  • over indulgence from drinking, eating, socialising, shopping etc.

Take care of yourself

  • be sure to socialise and grow your network of friends, by chatting to class mates, lecturers and neighbours, joining clubs and societies, taking part in events, volunteering and work experience opportunities
  • stay in touch with family and friends
  • drink plenty of water and keep hydrated, particularly if you are drinking alcohol
  • eat healthily and try to avoid too much convenience food
  • get a good night’s sleep
  • exercise to help achieve and maintain good physical and mental health.

If you are living in university residences you may find it helpful to speak to your Residence Life team in the first instance.

Further advice

If you experience problems during your time at University, no matter how big or small the issue, the Health and Wellbeing team at the Student Support Centre are here to help you.

Once you have completed online enrolment you will have access to the Student Intranet, where you can access further information and services from the Health and Wellbeing team.

Wellbeing and Counselling service (Cathays)

Wellbeing and Counselling service (Heath Park)

Residence Life Team