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Police registration

Last updated: 10/08/2022 08:45

Police registration is no longer required. It was announced on 4 August that the requirement for certain passport holders to register with the police after arrival in the UK has been abolished.

This change applies to those who have already registered with the police and who have a condition to register with the police listed as part of their leave to enter or remain in the UK. They will also no longer be required to communicate any updated personal details to the police.

What this means for you

As Police Registration has only just ended it may still be mentioned as a condition of your visa on your application decision letter or on your entry vignette. Following the repeal of the scheme you no longer need to register with the police. However your visa/BRP/digital status will not be amended and it may still state registering with the police as a requirement.

If you have already registered for an appointment you will unfortunately not receive a refund from the police as the fee was paid to cover the cost of administering and processing your application to register when the requirement to register was still in place.