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Exchange students module guide

Exchanges students may choose optional modules if their home school permits study of modules from another school.

As an exchange student you will have a 'home' school. This is the academic school that initiated the exchange. This school may permit you to study modules offered by other schools.

How to select your modules

All module choices must be agreed with your home school who will be able to provide guidance on appropriate modules:

  • browse the exchange students module catalogue to choose the optional modules you would like to study
  • attend your home school enrolment event to discuss your choice of modules
  • agree module choice with your home school
  • request the modules from the other school
  • select all the modules for the academic session via the online module selection task in SIMS online.

Any modules you choose must fit into your overall teaching timetable. You will only be able to establish this at enrolment with your home school. It is therefore advisable to select a number of modules as reserves in case you are not able to register on your first choice.

If you need any advice or guidance about completing this task, you should go to your home school.

Changing your module choice

Once you have registered on a module, it may be possible for you to change your mind, but only within the first three weeks of the Autumn semester (for those modules starting in the Autumn) and within the first three weeks of the Spring semester (for those modules starting in the Spring). Your home school will be able to advise you on the procedure to follow should you wish to amend your choice of modules.

Changes or withdrawal of modules

The modules advertised or referred to in the module catalogue are liable to be changed or withdrawn both before and after selection. Cardiff University accepts no responsibility for any such change or withdrawals of modules and students select modules at their own risk.

Reasons that may cause the change or withdrawal of modules include the loss of any key member of staff or insufficient take-up of modules by students.