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Public lectures

Professor Amanda Kirby lecture theatre

Each year we run a series of public lectures to inform and encourage debate around topical issues in neuroscience.

All lectures are free and open to all, with refreshments and spaces allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

The Waterloo Foundation

We host public lectures in association with The Waterloo Foundation. The last Waterloo Foundation Public Lecture was held on 23 May 2019, 17:00-19:00. Professor Mary Carskadon delivered a lecture titled, 'How changes in sleep biology create a perfect storm affecting adolescent well-being'.

The Hodge Centre

We also host public lectures in association with The Hodge Centre. The last Hodge Centre Public Lecture was held on 18 November 2021. Professor  Andy Miller, a professor of psychiatry and behavioural sciences from Emory University gave a talk titled The Impact of Inflammation on the Brain and Behaviours in Depression: Mechanisms and Translational Implications.  A recording of the last Hodge Centre public lecture is now available to watch on Youtube.

For details on upcoming public lectures, check our event pages.