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Translation, adaptation, performance

We bring together researchers who share an interest in how cultures communicate across geographical, linguistic and social borders.

Translation is understood in a wide sense, encompassing both linguistic and more broadly cultural phenomena, including practices such as self-translation and polylingualism.

We also investigate adaptation and performance via this research theme. Our work is not limited to the written word but embraces orality, theatre, cinema, and all manner of visual cultural production.

We work on a range of topics and materials, adopting a variety of research methods and approaches. However, we all share an interest in transnational and transcultural perspectives, in how communication processes articulate across global and local dimensions, and in the intersection between the linguistic and the cultural dimensions of translation and adaptation.

The theme fosters close connections and exchange between the theory and the practice of translation and adaptation, inviting practitioners, scholars and trainers to share their knowledge and experience.

Individual members have specific expertise in a range of languages – from French to Polish, Welsh, Japanese and others – as well as specific areas of research, such as subtitling, theatre translation and adaptation, or the translation of graphic novels.

The theme has points of contact and synergy with other research clusters in the School of Modern Languages, including borders and bodies, picturing cultures, and crisis, ideology and capitalism.


  • to support dialogue across the broad inter- and transdisciplinary area of translation and adaptation studies
  • to investigate the connections between translation and community and the sense of belonging
  • to consider the translation shapes memory and vice versa
  • to consider the interface between translation and contemporary and historical migrations
  • to explore the links between translation, affectivity and performativity.

Theme leader

Dr Abdel-Wahab Khalifa

Dr Abdel-Wahab Khalifa

Lecturer in Translation and Interpreting, Programme Director for Arabic Languages for All

+44 (0)29 2087 6246