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Research themes

We have developed an interdisciplinary approach to modern languages which is reflected in our research and teaching.

A map of the world made out odf stick figures

Borders and bodies

We explore questions of identity and belonging in collective and individual experience, considering how these are expressed in embodied and spatial practices across a wide range of cultures.

An old rusty timepiece

Capitalism, crisis and ideology

We investigate past and present alternative social and political movements from across the world, with a particular focus on critically exploring understandings of capitalism and modernity.

A war-torn city

Conflict, development and disaster

We examine the cultural, social and political meaning and impact of conflict, international development and disaster across the world, exploring their significance in the present era and historically.

A photographer's shadow

Picturing others

We examine issues of minority, margin and otherness across diverse languages and cultures, exploring how depictions of individuals and groups characterised as 'other' shape social and political landscapes.

A group of people holding blank speech bubbles

Translation, adaptation, performance

We research translation and adaptation in practice and in theory, focusing on the ways in which communication shifts articulate the global and the local in and across languages and cultures.