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Co-founded and co-edited by Jordi Larios and Montserrat Lunati, Tesserae, Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies was launched in 1994 and since 1997 has been published by the Taylor & Francis Group, one of the world’s leading publishers of academic journals.

Tesserae has achieved international recognition as one of the foremost journals devoted to the languages, literatures and cultures of the Hispanic world. It attracts articles from academics based in the most prestigious academic institutions all over the world, dealing with literature, cinema, linguistics, history and cultural studies related to any of the languages and cultures of the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic and Canary Islands, and Latin America. The Journal regularly publishes in English, Catalan and Spanish.

Since 2005 the Journal comes out three times a year and publishes occasional monographic issues, sometimes with invited guest editors. Recent monographic issues have been dedicated to Spanish poet Luis Cernuda (2005) and to Travel Writing in the Hispanic World (2006). Further monographic issues were devoted to “Recalcitrant Modernities” (2007), Latin American Women’s Writing (2008), and Love and the Avantgarde (2009).

More information about Tessarae can be found at Taylor and Francis Online.

Santander Collection of Hispanic Comics and Graphic Literature

The Santander Collection of Hispanic Comics and Graphic Literature is a unique collection focusing on graphic literature written in Spanish or taking the Hispanic world as its subject matter. It covers materials from both Spanish America and Spain. Founded in 2011, the collection’s aim is to make available to undergraduate students, graduate students and researchers recent in-print titles (including books and journals analysing graphic literature) and older materials of an under explored form of literature. The collection receives funding through the Santander Universities programme and is curated by its founding director Dr Tilmann Altenberg.

The collection’s holdings are integrated into Cardiff University’s Arts and Social Studies Library and can be accessed directly on the third floor. A complete overview of the titles currently comprising the collection is available through LibrarySearch.

Enquiries from potential visiting scholars and graduate students are welcome.

New Readings

New Readings is a peer-reviewed, open-access e-journal publishing original research in the fields of European literature, cultural history, film and visual culture. European here is understood as broadly as possible in terms of its geographical spread and its linguistic base. Francophone Africa and the Americas, for example, are therefore included in the journal’s scope. The journal has a strong, but by no means exclusive interest in publishing papers which examine the links between Europe and the wider world, and in interdisciplinary scholarship.

Launched in 1995 as a print journal with limited circulation, since 2000 New Readings has been available as an open-access e-journal. For the re-launch in 2009, all back issues were digitised and added to the online archives.

New Readings is currently edited by Dr Tilmann Altenberg.