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Seediq Auto-ethnobiology and Translation

Calendar Wednesday, 9 March 2022
Calendar 13:00-14:00

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A webinar with Dr Darryl Sterk (Lingnan University) run by the History & Heritage research theme under the School-wide Responding to Crisis research theme at the School of Modern Languages. Chaired by Dr Luisa Pèrcopo.

In this talk, Dr Sterk will discuss issues involved in the study of Indigenous knowledge. According to ethnobiologists, such knowledge has the same status as any body of scientia, (knowledge) until the 17th century, except that it was exclusively oral and largely tacit. For the past 125 years, it has been written about and articulated, initially by ethnobiologists who were not native speakers of the languages of the peoples they were studying, but more recently, especially since the global Indigenous movement began in the 1960s, by more or less bilingual "auto-ethnobiologists" who may be motivated by concern about the failure of intergenerational transmission of culture and language. In translating their traditional knowledge in these circumstances, Indigenous peoples are arguably reinventing it. In this talk, Dr Sterk will also explore the kinds of evidence a scholar might use to make such an argument through a case study of the Seediq people of central Taiwan.

Dr Darryl Cameron Sterk teaches linguistics, writing, and occasionally translation, at Lingnan University in Hong Kong. He translates fiction, particularly nature writing by Wu Ming-Yi, from Taiwan, and studies indigenous cultural translation in Taiwan. His monograph, Indigenous Cultural Translation, explores the century-long translation process that produced the screenplay of the feature film Seediq Bale (directed by Wei Te-sheng, 2011).

Event format & recording
The event will take place online as a Zoom webinar and will be recorded for publication after the event.

Simultaneous Translation
The event will be delivered in the medium of English. You are welcome to ask questions in the medium of Welsh during the Q&A session. If you intend to do this, please contact by Wednesday 23 February to request simultaneous translation. Please note that 10% or more of those planning to attend will need to request this provision in order for it to be sourced and will be subject to resource availability.

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