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Active project grants relating to our work in the Medicines Discovery Institute.

Project TitleAll SponsorsTotal Application Value (£)
MICA - Valium without the sedation: Anxioselective GABAA receptor modulators for the treatment of anxiety disordersMedical Research Council£5,300,000
Transforming the treatment of schizophrenia: Design and development of AMPA receptor modulators with a much improved safety profile as novel drugs for treating the cognitive dysfunction associated with schizophrenia and other CNS disordersWellcome Trust£4,063,500
Alpha-GABAa receptor modulators for the treatment of cognitive impairment associated with Huntington's diseaseWellcome Trust£3,137,000
LIMK1 inhibitors - A novel, disease-modifying approach for the treatment of fragile X syndromeMedical Research Council£2,446,050
Integrating genetic, clinical and phenotypic data to advance stratification, prediction and treatment in mental healthMedical Research Council£921,788
Transforming Cardiff TranslationWellcome Trust£618,763
Characterising a critical role for novel glycosphingolipids in the mechanism of action of insecticidal Toxin_10 proteinsBBSRC Industrial Partnership Award £558,174
MSH3: a disease modifying approach to Huntington's diseaseLoQus23 Therapeutics Ltd£533,349
Proof-of-Concept for a5-GABAAR PAMs in the treatment of psychosisWellcome Trust£500,971
Biology drug discovery equipment grantThe Wolfson Foundation£500,000
Developing small molecules as a neurosteroid replacement strategy for treating postpartum psychosis'Wellcome Trust£498,121
Long non-coding RNA NEAT1 in motor neurone physiology and pathophysiologyMotor Neurone Disease Association£397,013
Developing an NPC1 activity assay using the novel fluorescent substrate AQ2 for use in basic research and drug discoveryAcademy of Medical Sciences£99,591
Developing tools to monitor expression of IncRNA NEAT1 isoforms for basic research and drug discoveryAcademy of Medical Sciences£99,293
Assay development and high-throughput screening for the identification of novel small molecules with a potential to reduce the NEAT1_2-mediated cytokine storm in COVID-19Welsh Government - Sêr Cymru – Covid 19£74,950
Prodrugs of Protein Targeting Chimeras (PROTACs) With Improved Oral BioavailabilityMedical Research Council£60,000
Inhibitors of inositol monophosphatase for the treatment of bipolar disorderMedical Research Council£50,282
Identification of chemotypes selectively binding to a structured motif of IncRNA NEAT1 as templates for novel drugsWellcome Trust: ISSF£48,002
New far-red autophagy probe for drug screening in neurodegenerative diseasesWellcome Trust£33,609
Oncology DMPKUniversity of Sussex£32,067
Mechanisms of aminoglycoside ototoxicity and drug damage repair in sensory hair cells: Towards the design of otoprotective strategiesMedical Research Council£30,787
Discovery and development of SPAK and OSR1 kinase inhibitors as novel treatments for ischemic strokesMedical Research Council£24,956
Identification of positive allosteric modulators of serine racemase and mechanistic insights in SR regulationWellcome Trust: ISSF£19,914
Do NPC1 activators work synergistically with other current and proposed therapies for Niemann-Pick type C disease?Niemann-Pick Research Foundation£17,686
Inhibitors of serine racemase as novel therapeutic for treatment-resistant depressionMedical Research Council£14,858
Does CBD oil mediate benefits in Niemann-Pick C disease patient derived iPSC neuronsNiemann-Pick Research Foundation£8,728