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Access to some of the best technology and facilities allows our researchers to undertake cutting-edge drug discovery research.

The Medicines Discovery Institute is based in Main Building within the School of Biosciences at the heart of Cardiff University. A comprehensive refurbishment was undertaken to enable us to design facilities that will fulfil the needs of our world-leading research team.

Our researchers come from a range of different disciplines, and we are linked to flagship University Research Institutes. We therefore benefit from state-of-the-art resources from throughout the University.

Our biology laboratory

The Medicines Discovery Institute is home to a purpose-built biology laboratory with cutting-edge equipment to facilitate drug discovery.

This high-content imaging system enables the visualisation and quantification of subcellular details at high speed. This equipment allows our researchers to observe the effects of genetic or pharmacological manipulation in cells, which is vital in drug discovery.

In order to find new compounds that interact with a drug target, such as a protein of interest that plays a key role in a disease mechanism, we need to screen a diverse selection of compounds. The Pherastar Plate Reader is used to increase the speed and efficiency of our screenings through fluorescent assay analysis.

For assay analysis, the liquid handling is performed using a FluidX XPP-721, a 96-channel pipette automated liquid handling system.

Tissue Culture Facilities

The Medicines Discovery Institute has a fully-equipped tissue culture suite to support the Institute’s cell biology research.

Our Institute has a 384-well plate qPCR machine, allowing the quantitative analysis of DNA.

The ChemiDoc Imaging System is used by the Institute’s biologists for western blot analysis, to detect specific proteins in a sample

Our chemistry laboratory

Our Institute unites experts across disciplinary boundaries in order to make significant drug discoveries. Our chemistry laboratories provide the environment for compound development and testing.

We are able to identify and quantify target molecules for drug development through access to mass spectrometry. Through this, we can qualitatively and quantitatively analyse drug compounds to help develop novel therapies to help patients across the world.

The Rotavapore supports our organic chemistry research, providing the facilities needed to undertake compound development processes.

Our Protein Production and Crystallography Laboratory

Crystallography is an integral component of structure-guided drug discovery, providing rapid access to structural information about drug targets. Our Institute has received significant investment to develop a Protein Production and Crystallography Laboratory to assist in our research.

Our Institute undertakes cutting-edge crystallography research to support our drug development. This liquid handling system enables high-speed precision pipetting in our Protein Production and Crystallography laboratory.

This system is used in chromatography and delivers fast and efficient protein purification for use in drug discovery.

Mass Spectrometer Machine

Academic links

Based within Cardiff University, we are perfectly placed to bridge the gap between cutting-edge biomedical research and clinical applications. We are linked to flagship  University Research Institutes, providing expertise and access to facilities. We therefore benefit from state-of-the-art resources from throughout the University.

The ARCCA Machine Room

Advanced research computing

Advanced Research Computing at Cardiff (ARCCA) provides leading-edge hardware and software to help tackle the global research challenges of our time.

PET Scanner

PET scanner

Our state-of-the-art positron emission tomography (PET) facilities are the first of their kind in Wales.

MEG scanner

Brain scanners

Our technology includes structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging, electro- and magneto-encephalography, and transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Lab technician using the qPCR robot.

Central Biotechnology Services

We are an ISO 9001:2015 and GCLP accredited technology facility offering access to a wide range of life sciences facilities to enable your research.

Wales Gene Park Genomic Facility

Harnessing genetics to advance research, healthcare, education and innovation.