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MEDIC Ambassadors: Teaching and inspiring Welsh pupils

At the start of the 2017/18 academic year the School of Medicine launched a MEDIC Ambassadors scheme.

Sam Cox Sully Primary visit
Dr Sam Cox, (MBBCh 2006) explaining how you can become a doctor at Sully Primary School.

Its two main purposes are:

  • to enable expansion of engagement activity with schools and communities across Wales – providing additional support and mentoring to pupils and teachers, enhancing the curriculum and raising aspirations from a School of Medicine perspective
  • to enhance mentoring, pedagogy, communication and employability skills in staff and students.

Our Engagement team is building its network with schools and colleges across Wales to build a catalogue of engagement opportunities for MEDIC Ambassadors.

Several secondary schools and primary schools in Wales have already been visited by Ambassadors, running activities such as human body workshops, careers fairs/talks, testicular cancer workshops, and 'know your bits' sessions for both boys and girls.

All ambassador activity is recorded, which is important for student portfolios. Recognition will also be given through the annual student awards ceremony (Surgam).

Benefits of the scheme

Fitzalan Dec Testicular Cancer workshop
Left to Right: MEDIC Ambassadors Jomcy John, Lawrence Pugh and Jack Wellington delivering a workshop on testicular cancer to year 10 pupils at Fitzalan High School.

There are many benefits for university staff, alumni and students participating in this scheme, including:

  • development of employability skills
  • enhanced communication skills
  • supporting the National Curriculum
  • inspiring future scientists, medics and healthcare professionals
  • supporting the recruitment strategies of Cardiff University
  • establishing relationships with school to make learning fun and engaging.

Ambassador feedback

Check your bits Fitzalan
Left to Right: MEDIC Ambassadors Leah Hawkins and Akshita Dandawate hosting a “Check your bits” session to year 10 pupils at a Fitzalan High School Well-being Fair.

Feedback from MEDIC Ambassadors who have participated to date include:

“I have not had previous experience of teaching students. This experience enhanced my teaching skills and made me more confident to speak in front of an audience.

"At the end of my talk, I did a quiz to gauge how much the students retained from the talk. I found 99% of the students answered correctly to all the questions, showing they were paying attention and understood the information.”

“I feel more confident in my ability to teach children especially on a topic as sensitive as breast cancer."

How to get involved

We are passionate about raising aspirations in school children across Wales. If you like the sound of the MEDIC Ambassador programme and would like to find out more, please email Karen Edwards, Engagement Officer, School of Medicine:

School of Medicine engagement team

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