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MBBCh Year 4 Awards

Congratulations go to all students who have received prizes to recognise their academic achievements on their courses.

Many students are also recognised for their professionalism in dealing with difficult situations, such as helping members of the public or fellow students by developing innovations to support the learning of their peers.

The awards

Congratulations to Owen Richards who was also awarded first place for the Iain McQueen Prize for clinical excellence in neuroscience.

Year 4 Certificate of Merit

Top 20% of their year group

Mohamed Abdelrazek
Fleur Archer
Tom Arsac-England
Priyadarshini Basu
Sacha Bell
Cecily Bloom
Jonathan Crisp
Tessa David
Claire Davies
Frank Davis
Thomas Dean
Cassidee Eccles
Jack Fisher
Emma Ford
Jacob Foster
Charles Gregory
Nathan Hariharan
Daniel Hattam
Siena Hayes
George Hoult
Megan Hunt
Joshua James
Gabrielle Kelly
Abdullah Mahdi
Katie McCardle
Daniel McElroy
Ewan McKay
Peter McManus
Emmanuel Onyango
Molly Papadopoullos
Daniel Parry
Emma Parry-Jones
Meggie Pendered
Sarah Pengelly
Mia Pham
Elliot Phillips
Harriet Reed
Katie Reynolds
Owen Richards
Sarah Rocca
Linda Saji
Nicholas Savill
Jamie Scriven
Qi Zhuang Siah
Bethany Spinks
Ella Sykes
Matthew Taylor
Anita Tomy
Alexandra Tong
Kitty Towl
James Vautrey
Arrabi Vijayakumar
Emma Walker
Callum Wood

Photo gallery of award winners / nominees

Surgam booklet

Surgam booklet 2022

Celebration of Excellence within the School of Medicine.