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Neonatal Medicine

These programmes provide a highly marketable academic qualification for hospital practitioners and trainees, nursing, paramedical and other professionals who are involved in the multidisciplinary care of neonates and very young children.

The programmes focus on the study of clinical problems and therapeutic approaches specific to neonatal healthcare. The physiological and anatomical changes that occur during gestation and after birth influence clinical presentation and effective treatment strategies for sick and premature infants.

Understanding the scientific basis for neonatal healthcare is vital to clinical decision making and managing the ethical and communication challenges faced by clinical teams every day.

The programmes aim to prepare clinicians to identify, critically appraise, plan and implement more effective treatments based on a sound knowledge of relevant research evidence, clinical practice, anatomy and pathophysiology.

Neonatal Medicine (PgDip)Part-time distance learning2 years
Neonatal Medicine (MSc)Part-time distance learning3 years

Initially all students must first complete the 2 year PgDip stage before being able to progress to the 1 year MSc stage.

The full MSc takes 3 years to complete in total.