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Maths Adventures Day

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18 February 2023, 10:00-17:00, Abacws, Cardiff University

Cardiff School of Mathematics is organising Maths Adventures Day on 18 February 2023. It will be held in the Abacws building, as part of the Cardiff Science Festival.

Maths Adventures Day features hands-on activities and fun workshops and presentations for children, families and the public. The event aims to promote understanding and appreciation of the role of Mathematics in Science and Technology and inspire the next generation of mathematicians and scientists.

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Activities on the day will include:

10:00-16:00, Abacws Foyer (all ages)

Chess Masters, Chess Mate, Mathematical Board Games, Maths Busking.

10:00-10:45, Abacws 0.01 (ages 11-99), demonstrations

Dr Usama Kadri

Watch a Ninja Turtle catch a launched green gem of doom to save the world and discover why some objects fall and others soar.

11:00-11:45, Abacws 0.01, (all ages), introduction

Dr Thomas Woolley

From rhythm to compositions, mathematics helps us understand how music is created and developed.

10:00-10:45, Abacws 0.04, (ages 11-15), game

Lois Mullins

Come and play a new Maths board game developed in Cardiff Maths.

11:00-11:45, Abacws 0.04, (ages 9-15), game

Michela Corradini

Does making the first move matter? Maths has the answer.

11:00-11:45, Abacws 0.34, (ages 11-16), game

Layla Sadeghi Namaghi

Cool mathematical strategies in two-player games that ensure winning well, certainly not losing.

12:00-12:45, Abacws 0.04, (ages 4-8), workshop

Dr Yasemin Sengul Tezel

Who doesn't like arts and crafts? Let's make three-dimensional objects and colour them.

12:00-12:45, Abacws 0.01, (ages 11-99), talk

Dr Katerina Kaouri

Learn about the maths of supersonic flights and listen to many loud sonic booms and bangs.

13:00-13:45, Abacws 0.01, (ages 11-99), talk

Dr Thomas Woolley

How do you survive in a zombie apocalypse? Mathematical models can come to the rescue.

13:00-13:45, Abacws 0.04, (ages 11-99), talk

Dr Geraint Palmer

How is data collected, analysed and visualised, in the past and nowadays? Where are we headed with Al?

14:00-14:45, Abacws 0.34, (ages 11-18), interactive talk presentation

Dr Thomas Barker

Inspired by the videos shown in the foyer? Delve deeper into the maths behind videos and animations.

14:00-14:45, Abacws 0.01, (ages 11-99), talk

Dr Rhyd Lewis

Newspapers, politicians and advertising companies often use statistics in misleading ways. How can you spot this?

15:00-15:45, Abacws 0.34, (ages 3+), workshop

Dr Rhyd Lewis

Draw, colour and untangle: from the "four-colour challenge" to the "untangle" game!

15:00-15:20, Abacws, 0.01, (ages 11-18), video and presentation

Stylianos Koutsoullis

Who knew Euclid and rap can go together?

15.25-15.45, Abacws, 0.01 (15-99 oed), presentation

Dr Katerina Kaouri

How mathematical models can predict if we are infected by viruses flying around the room?

16:00-16:45, Abacws 0.01, (ages 10-99), theatrical talk

Women in Mathematics and in Computer Science Society

Would you like to get to know famous female mathematicians and their achievements?

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If you have any questions about the event or would like to take part, please contact the School of Mathematics Engagement Team: