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There is a charge for the late return of requested items.

To help make sure you don't incur any fines on items you have borrowed:

  • check your library account regularly
  • return your requested books on or before their due date
  • do not allow anyone else to borrow items on your library account. You will be liable for any overdue charges or replacement costs if requested items are returned late, lost, or stolen.

If you can't return your books, please contact the library as soon as possible.


Fines are applied at £2 per day on all overdue requested items. The maximum fine accrued over each issue period will be £20 per item.

If fines exceed £10 you will be unable to borrow any further items until the outstanding amount is paid. Fines increase daily until an invoice is sent for the replacement cost of the item and the maximum fine is imposed.

Paying a fine

Fines can be paid by debit/credit card at the following libraries:

You can also telephone these libraries and pay by debit or credit card over the phone.