Student placements

Students on placement working together  around a computer

We offer work placements in our libraries to international librarianship and information science students.

Our placements allow international library students to work with us for a period between six weeks and six months, subject to availability.

Our student placement coordinator designs customised programmes for successful applicants, allowing them to undertake projects which will benefit their degrees or future careers.

If you are interested in applying for an internship at our libraries, please contact our student placement coordinator:

Luisa Tramontini

Previous placements

German library science students undertaking their work experience semester in the UK have been welcomed here to gain an insight into the different areas of the library service.

Students from the University of Barcelona have undertaken summer placements with us. One student has written about their experiences in their placement blog [in Catalan].

In the past, we have also worked with the Ectarc centre, which manages the EU Leonardo da Vinci vocational training programme for Wales, and have provided placement opportunities to some of their participants.