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Evidencing learning

About this topic

Evidencing learning helps students gather, catalogue and present a relevant evidence base for their learning.

A number of factors are coming in phase to make this increasingly desirable:

  • Maintaining a continuous development record that includes personal reflective journaling (especially against set objectives) is a typical requirement of professional bodies, as well as regarded as a good habit of mind for any professional.
  • An ability to self-evidence and concisely articulate one’s learning, as opposed to merely relying on external certification, is an important competitive edge and useful skill for employers.
  • Multiple free cloud and web based platforms have made the required tools readily available.

This topic provides insight into

  • examples of how students can compile and curate an e-portfolio
  • use and portability of different popular platforms
  • different ways such an exercise can be part of the curriculum
  • enhancing student reflection
  • creating assessments that promote student learning self-evidencing.

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