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Dr Monika Hennemann

Dr Monika Hennemann, one of the founders of the International Staff Network, talks about the support Cardiff University provides for new international members of staff and explains what she likes about Cardiff.

Watch Monika's video here.


"The International Staff Network is a staff-run initiative. We have created an International Staff Handbook. We have available a voluntary mentor ship scheme for incoming international staff.

Cardiff University is a very welcoming environment in the first place. Cardiff as a city is a very welcoming environment. There are many opportunities to collaborate with practitioners from the Opera, with experts
in music, in translation, in languages here and they all come together.

It is a very liveable city. It’s got enough going on to be interesting, you are near the countryside. What I personally like best is that I don’t need a car, I can cycle or walk everywhere and that’s been a dramatic improvement in quality of life for me, personally speaking.

What I find the best thing or the most surprising thing about Cardiff University is how much it has changed even in the four and a half years I’ve been here and how much more of an international player it’s become. That’s opened a lot of doors for me and created a lot of opportunities and I really like the vibrant, international, welcoming atmosphere that Cardiff University offers."