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Centres and groups

The School has a number of Research Centres and Groups conducting research relevant to History, Ancient History, Archaeology and Religion.


Cardiff Centre for the Crusades

We aim to encourage and develop Cardiff University as a focus for research collaboration, conferences and publications in the field of crusading history.

Cardiff Centre for Welsh American Studies

Promoting the study of the culture, language, literature and history of the Welsh in the Americas.

Central and East European Research Centre

Promoting and supporting research into Central and Eastern Europe at Cardiff University.

Centre for the History of Religion in Asia

Focuses on the study of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, and of texts and literatures related to these traditions in Sanskrit, Pali, Chinese and Japanese.

Centre for Late Antique Religion and Culture

Promotes and supports the study of late antique religion and culture from the late Hellenistic to early Medieval periods across Europe, the Mediterranean and Near East.

Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK

Promoting scholarly and public understanding of Islam and the life of Muslim communities in the UK, with a particular emphasis on sociological and anthropological methodology.

Centre for Medieval Studies

We promote interdisciplinary study of the Middle Ages by bringing together specialists from several different subject areas to collaborate in research and graduate teaching.


The Archaeology of Wales Research Group

Archaeology of Wales is one of our major research strengths, revealing more about the nation’s fascinating past across a broad range of periods.

Collaborative Interdisciplinary Study for Science, Medicine and the Imagination Research Group (CISSMI)

The research group encompasses staff from the humanities, social sciences, medicine and the biological sciences who are dedicated to the study of the history of science and the imagination.

Early Materials, Technology and Conservation Research Group

We are collaborating on projects across periods and cultures, using the latest cutting edge techniques to recreate technologies and sensitively conserve artefacts.

The European Mesolithic and Neolithic Research Group

Internationally recognised for the strength of its ground-breaking archaeology relating to the European Mesolithic and Neolithic periods.

Families, Identities, and Gender Research Network

Furthering the understanding of changing experiences, representations, and roles of families, identities, and gender in past and present societies.

Later Prehistoric and Roman Britain Research Group

Landmark sites in Britain and Wales are among a fascinating range of projects currently being investigated by our leading archaeologists.

Medieval Europe Research Group

Our Medieval Europe Research Group enables our archaeologists to use the latest technologies in research both at home and across Europe, including sites key to telling the story of the Crusades.

Mediterranean Archaeology Research Group

Our archaeologists are learning more about this fascinating period of development in the Mediterranean, collaborating on an impressive range of projects across both Ancient and Classical Greece, Ancient Rome and the Near East including research in Egypt.

Rome and the Sacred

Rome and the Sacred brings together members of all parts of the School of History, Archaeology and Religion with an interest in the long history of the sacred: that is, in holy sites, persons, and objects, as well as encounters with the holy in the form of prophecies, oracles, and visions.