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Podcast: Behind the Health Statistic

Behind the Health Statistic is an educational podcast that explores the human and personal perspectives of health and illness. In a world where our media is saturated with health data and statistics, the podcast aims to take the listeners attention away from the numbers and on to the people.

The podcast has been produced by a team of Nursing Academics led by Ricky Hellyar, a Lecturer in Adult Nursing. It involves the participation of individuals who have kindly and bravely shared their health stories. Series one of the podcast is made up of 10 episodes which cover a range of health topics and experiences from living with anorexia, to battling a gambling addiction.

Series 1

Behind the Health Statistic: An Intro to the PodcastRicky Hellyar 
Episode 1 - Lara: My Childhood with CancerMartina Nathan Lara
Episode 2 - Mandy: Dad, Epilepsy and MeRicky HellyarMandy
Episode 3 - Debbie: My COPDRicky HellyarDebbie
Episode 4 - Mike and Harry: A Transplant Story (Two parts)Andy ParryMike
Episode 5 - Anon: Schizophrenia, Mind and BodyJohn HydeAnon
Episode 6 - Becky: A Heart Defect, Our StoryRicky HellyarBecky
Episode 7 - Rob: Gambling, My Hidden AddictionGemma Stacey EmileRob
Episode 8 - Russ: Living with PsoriasisProfessor Chris BundyRuss
Episode 9 - Rhiannon: My Life with AnorexiaRicky HellyarRhiannon
Episode 10 - Lyndon: Arthritis and MeRicky HellyarLyndon
Behind the Health Statistic: End of Series 1Ricky Hellyar 

The podcast is narrated by Ricky Hellyar and produced by Pete Smith and Bex Potton.

With thanks to all contributors and Martin Floyd for his PPI support and guidance.