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Collecting your academic dress

Once you have ordered your robes, they will be available to collect from City Hall before your graduation ceremony, and will need to be returned there after the event.

Please allow plenty of time to queue, collect and put on your academic dress at City Hall before making the ten-minute walk to St David's Hall for your graduation ceremony.

Image of students putting on their academic dress

Collection and return times

The times for collecting and returning your academic dress depends on your ceremony start time.

Attached inside your robe is a ticket showing your name and reference number. This ticket must not be removed under any circumstances as it is needed to register the return of the robe after the ceremony. Please inform one of the Ede and Ravenscroft staff in City Hall if it becomes detached.

Please ensure that you also collect your registration card, which includes your seat number, along with your robe.

What to wear

Your graduation is a formal academic occasion, so please ensure you dress smartly in accordance with the formality of the occasion. 

We would also recommend:

  • for comfort and practicality that you wear a top or shirt that buttons up to the neck, as this makes it easier to attach the hood over your gown
  • if you have long hair, you may find it useful to bring some hair grips to assist in holding your cap in place
  • bring some safety pins - they can be extremely useful!