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What to expect

We want you all to enjoy the graduation ceremonies, so please take time to find out what happens during the event at St David's Hall.

Security arrangements

We want you all to enjoy the graduation ceremonies, so please take a moment to familiarise yourself with some additional security measures that will be in place this year.

  1. No large bags or luggage will be allowed inside St David’s Hall. We appreciate that you may not be able to avoid having luggage with you so we are arranging a bag storage area in City Hall.
  2. Please bring your student ID card with you as you will be required to show this in order to receive your tickets.
  3. There will be bag checks and ticket checks in the foyer entrance of St David’s Hall. Guests will not be allowed entry without a ticket.
  4. Be mindful to plan more time to accommodate additional security measures. We recommend allowing an hour and a half to visit City Hall to collect your tickets and academic dress and make your way to St David’s Hall.

Your seat

You will need to be seated 1 hour before your ceremony start time.

When you arrive at St David's Hall, make your way to level two.

Please ensure that any items you bring with you, such as handbags, cameras, etc are left with your guests as you will not return to the same seat during the actual ceremony.

Please make sure you sit in the seat allocated to you - this number is on your registration card. The seating arrangements are carefully planned so that you arrive on stage when your name is being called. Staff will be in attendance to assist you.

Please do not lose your registration card as it will be given to the presenter so that they can read out your name when you cross the stage. Please ensure that you keep it safe and have it with you in St David's Hall auditorium.


The rehearsal will ensure that you know what to do during the ceremony, and you will be guided by staff throughout the ceremony itself. Take a look at videos of previous ceremonies to get a clear idea of what to expect.

During the ceremony

All graduating students

There is an order of ceremony that all graduates need to follow. Just relax and enjoy the experience as you will be carefully guided by the staff throughout the ceremony.

At the start of the ceremony, all attendees will stand as the academic procession enters the hall.

Following a welcome and the reading of the Proclamation, graduates will be presented to the Vice-Chancellor or representative who will receive them to their awards.

Graduates are expected to remain in the auditorium throughout the ceremony.

Graduates will be required to 'doff' their cap in reply to the Vice-Chancellor/or representative.

How to 'doff'

To doff, look towards the Vice-Chancellor/or representative, nod your head slightly and either touch the front peak of your cap or raise it very slightly, using your right hand.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students

You will:

  • be prompted by a staff member to move forward in the order listed in the graduation programme. You will hand your presentation card to a member of staff, who will pass this to a presenter (a senior member of the academic staff) who will read out your name and the names of your fellow students receiving the same award
  • hear your name called, then please cross the stage, walk towards the Vice-Chancellor and shake his hand
  • then leave the stage and return to sit in a seat
  • hear the Vice-Chancellor ask you to stand and will formally receive you to your award
  • then 'doff' in reply and be prompted by members of staff to sit down.

Graduates of the Health Profession award

In addition to the above, if you are a graduate of the Health Profession award you will also be required to agree to the terms of the Hippocratic Oath.

After the Proclamation Reader has recited the Oath, graduates are required to confirm their agreement with the terms of the Oath by responding in either English or Welsh.

Doctor and Senior Doctorates (DClinPsy, DDS, DDSc, DSc, DScEcon, EngD, MD, PhD)

You will:

  • be prompted by a member of staff to move forward in the order listed in the programme
  • hand your registration card to a member of staff, who will pass this to a presenter (a senior member of the academic staff) who will read out your name
  • shake hands with the Vice-Chancellor, the President/Vice-President and the Students' Union President or representative
  • then return to a seat where the Vice-Chancellor/or representative will ask you to stand and will formally receive you to your award
  • then 'doff' in reply and be prompted by members of staff to sit down.

Your seat

Please ensure you arrive at St David's Hall and take your seat at least 30 minutes before the ceremony start time.

Commemorative programme

A free commemorative programme will be given to you at St David's Hall.

Use of video cameras

Although there are no restrictions to the use of video cameras outside the auditorium, video cameras should not be used whilst the ceremony is in progress.

You should remain seated once the actual ceremony commences.

Please remember that there are some 500 students graduating in the ceremony. Roving cameras create an unwelcome distraction to other guests. Your co-operation and consideration for others will be very much appreciated.

A webcast of the ceremony will be available after the event.

A photograph will be automatically taken (whenever possible) of each graduate as they receive their award on the stage in St David's Hall. You will be able to purchase copies of this memorable moment on the day of graduation from the Ede and Ravenscroft sales team in City Hall.

Each graduate's memorable moment on stage will be captured in a personalised video clip which they will be able to purchase after their ceremony. Each StageClip will feature titles showing the graduate's name and date of graduation and will capture the moment they cross the stage and receive their award. StageClip video clips can be downloaded and easily shared on social media.

People with disabilities

If you have specific access requirements or have any other needs that we could assist with, please contact the Graduation team prior to the ceremony on +44 (0)29 2087 9000.

A passenger lift is available in St David's Hall to carry all persons with mobility problems to level three.


We do not recommend that children are taken to the ceremony, due to the length and formal nature of proceedings.

Any child over the age of two will also require a separate guest ticket to attend.