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We hold several graduation ceremonies each year, during which we celebrate the success of our students in the company of their peers, family and friends.

A Birds eye view of graduation

Each ceremony runs for two hours and is held in the prestigious St David's Hall in Cardiff city centre, which is well connected by road, rail and air.

Throughout graduation week, thousands of students and honorary fellows will have their degree confirmed.

All of our graduation ceremonies will be broadcast live on the internet, allowing you to watch events anywhere around the world. 

We want all attendees to enjoy the day, so please take time to prepare for graduation and find out what you will need to do before, during and after your ceremony.

Dates and times of ceremonies

Our graduation ceremonies run throughout the day so find out when your session starts.

Plan your day

Make graduation more enjoyable for you and your guests by knowing what you need to be doing, where and when.

What to expect on graduation day

Find out more about seating arrangements, access into St David's Hall and what happens during the ceremony itself.

Graduation day live broadcast

Watch our graduation ceremonies as they happen by viewing our live online broadcast.

Your degree certificate

Your degree certificate is not presented to you at your award ceremony, but will be sent to you by post.