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Dr Tiago Alves

Senior lecturer, Dr Tiago Alves, discusses the international work of Cardiff University’s 3D Seismic Lab and how well-located Cardiff is for travel abroad.

Watch Tiago's interview here.


"3D seismics is a technique to try and find resources underneath the sea floor. We are one of the key research labs for petroleum geology and for research on continental margins.I would like to develop in the future ways of making oil and gas exploration almost carbon neutral.

Being international is very important because most of the students and most of the work I do is in overseas countries. It is very important to keep the contact and keep links with companies, academia and institutions that are based abroad. They are not only bringing students to Cardiff but also projects and the exchange of ideas as well.

We have people from the UK to Canada to China. I collaborate with Japan, I collaborate with Australian colleagues, so we are completely international in that sense.

One of the things that is most surprising is how closely-knit students and staff are at Cardiff. We actually grow together with the students as they finish their BScs and many of the students end up staying at Cardiff and continue their career as MSc or PhD students.

Cardiff is a very pleasant city, it is very green. It is small but not too small and I like the fact it is about two hours away from Heathrow. So at any time you can go to Heathrow and take a plane somewhere in the world. It is very important to what I do and makes Cardiff very cosmopolitan."