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Dr M Sankar

Research Fellow, Dr M Sankar, talks about the work of Cardiff University’s world-leading Catalysis Institute and describes what he loves about living and working in Cardiff.

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"In terms of heterogeneous catalysis research, Cardiff University is one of the world’s leading institutes for fundamental research into catalysis.

A catalyst is a substance that can speed up any chemical reaction.

In the Cardiff Catalysis Institute we develop catalysts mainly for a green and sustainable future - access to clean water or renewable energy. Obviously, the research towards addressing these challenges should be international.
We have been collaborating with many different countries.

Whenever I need to go abroad to seek new collaborations, Cardiff University has been extremely supportive of this.

As a University, it’s a very friendly, open place to work and they are ready to help, especially my senior colleagues within the department or within the University. I can just go and ask them how to improve or how to proceed in my career development. There is no big difference in the hierarchy and they want us to succeed within the institute.

For a new academic thinking of working in Cardiff or Cardiff University, I would say this is a fantastic place to work and most importantly, a fantastic place to live as well. It is such a beautiful place. Within 20 minutes you can go to the most exciting part of the UK, with very beautiful beaches. It’s a beautiful place to live."