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Superbugs - The End Of Modern Medicine As We Know It?

Calendar Thursday, 28 June 2018
Calendar 18:00-22:00

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“Superbugs - The End Of Modern Medicine As We Know It?

Discover  how our body fights "bad" germs that make us sick and uses "friendly" germs to keep us fit. Learn how antibiotics work and why it"s sometimes better not to take them. Take pictures of the germs that live on your skin, and see if washing your hands removes them. Meet the scientists and doctors who tackle the ever growing antibiotic resistance and the worldwide spread of untreatable infections. Enjoy interactive workshops, fun games and stunning lectures. Plus, explore the full-range of over 130 hands-on Techniquest exhibits –  No admission fees, no age restriction. Fully licenced bar.

Part of the Wales Festival of Innovation. Sponsored by Cardiff University.

Stuart Street,
CF10 5BW

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