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Agri-sustainability in a Changing Political Clime

Monday 14 May 2018, 10:00-Tuesday 15 May 2018, 14:00

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It is undeniable that agricultural production is fundamental to every level of our society – whether looking to food security, its impact on the environment, or the broader cultural, social and economic roles it plays. However, new challenges arise continuously, including through meeting the needs of growing populations. These encourage us to strive for intensification, yet we must take care to ensure sustainable agricultural production if to ensure long-term production and to protect the multifunctional role that agriculture plays in our societies.  Brexit and the broader on-going political upheavals put this challenge of sustainable agriculture in sharp focus, whether through changing access to markets, the discontinuation of CAP within the UK, or the uncertainties surrounding the regulatory regime. However, they also present an opportunity to reflect upon agricultural production – to come together and to consider how to build a sustainable future.

This workshop will consider the future of agriculture in our societies, focusing on three main themes: 1) (dis)integrated unions, 2) agri-sustainability and new technologies, 3) an integrated and holistic approach to the food chain.

Registration is free but places are limited, so be sure to book early.

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