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Hay Festival Cardiff Series: The Ecosystem Inside – Your Body and Its Tiny Citizens

Calendar Tuesday, 31 May 2016
Calendar 20:30-05:01

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Speaker: Dr Simone Cuff, School of Medicine, Cardiff University

Most people think they are human. Alas, they are only partially correct. You have within yourself more cells that aren’t human than are: from bacteria that help you digest your food, to fungi that help you keep your skin healthy, to mites that live their lives in your eyebrows. You are in fact a whole world. This talk explores that world and some of the latest ideas on how interactions between yourself and your tiny citizens can affect your health. Is there any point to eating bio-live yoghurt? How do bacteria affect allergies? Come along and find out.

Part of the Cardiff Series at the Hay Festival, 26 May to 5 June 2016.

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