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Cardiff University Chamber Orchestra: Robert Plane (clarinet), Andrea Quinn (conductor)

Calendar Sunday, 2 December 2018
Calendar 15:00-16:30

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Robert Plane

Rossini | Overture: The Silken Ladder

Rossini | Introduction, theme and variations for clarinet and chamber orchestra

Tchaikovsky | Mozartiana

Perhaps best known as a composer of operas, which he retired from composing at the tender age of 38, Rossini also composed a number of instrumental works. Today we have representation from both worlds.  The overture to The Silken Ladder is vivacious and sparkling, while his theme and variations for clarinet and chamber orchestra has similarly been popular with clarinettists and orchestras since its first outing.

Tchaikovsky said that, in his opinion, Mozart was the culminating point of musical beauty.  He felt that a number of Mozart’s works were not sufficiently known by the public or musicians, so he composed a work to address the issue.

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