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Best practice in security and justice: from cross-cultural description and explanation to transnational prescription

Calendar Monday, 15 May 2017
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A workshop jointly organised by the Cardiff Centre for Crime, Law and Justice and the Cardiff Centre of Law and Society.

15th & 16th May 2017 at Cardiff Law School, Law Building, Rooms 1.28 & 1.29

Lead organiser: Stewart Field (

Aims of Workshop

To seek to further our understanding of the challenges of learning cross-culturally in relation to security and justice by examining whether – and if so how – one can usefully and validly define transnational ‘good practice.’ The workshop aims to draw on the experiences of eminent cross-cultural researchers in a range of areas such as youth justice, defence rights and lawyering, urban security, policing and crime prevention more broadly. We anticipate that debate would be broad ranging but the kind of questions that we anticipate emerging are the following. Can we arrive at cross-national standards and how can we determine what they are? What kinds of research might be appropriate to the process? Do we have good examples of studies or initiatives that do this? Can we propose models of how it might be done well? Have we counter examples where good practice has been defined invalidly and/or unhelpfully? What made those exercises invalid or unhelpful?