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Cardiff Business School - Breakfast Briefing with Jakob Schneebacher, Office for National Statistics

Calendar Tuesday, 16 November 2021
Calendar 08:30-09:30

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Implications of the latest Management and Expectations Survey on Productivity

Studies from around the world show that management matters for firm outcomes. Better managed firms tend to be larger, more productive and more likely to survive across industries and across countries.

In this Business Breakfast, Jakob Schneebacher from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) will discuss what the ONS Management and Expectations Survey (MES) can tell us about the current state of management practices in Great Britain. How has the use of structured management practices changed in recent years? What types of firms have improved the most? And how have better-managed firms fared in the pandemic?

The briefing provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the relationship between management practices, productivity and innovation in British businesses and to apply these lessons to the post-pandemic recovery.

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