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Chinese Corner: Social Life in China

Calendar Wednesday, 20 October 2021
Calendar 18:30-20:00

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People walk and talk at typical city square in China

Have you ever wondered how best to greet your Chinese friends and colleagues, and why gift giving is so important in both personal and business contexts? Have you ever wondered how to behave in a Chinese restaurant, whether you are holding chopsticks correctly, and which of the numerous bowls and plates in front of you to use? Have you ever wondered how Chinese people use social media and how it compares to the platforms we have here in Europe?

Then join us for our Chinese Corner Lecture as we delve into key aspects of social life in China. We will explore in detail the dos and don'ts of gift giving, Chinese dining etiquette, an introduction to current apps and social media platforms used in China, and finally, give you a glimpse into some of the many ways people in China spend their evenings.

Expect an interactive and social session!

This event will be livestreamed on Zoom and we will send you the links and log-in details when you register.

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