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The City in 2040: Rethinking the City Centre

Calendar Thursday, 15 July 2021
Calendar 14:00-15:15

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The City in 2040: Rethinking the City Centre

The City in 2040:

Rethinking the City Centre

is one in a series of three events being run jointly by the School of Geography and Planning and the Welsh School of Architecture, exploring how urban places might have changed by 2040.

We aim to raise the sights of academics and practitioners in thinking about the challenges and opportunities of the
future. There will be three short presentations then a panel and audience discussion.

• A Vibrant City Centre in 2040', Judith Everett, Executive Director for Purpose, Sustainability & Stakeholders, The Crown Estate

• Reimagining the City Centre: Lev Kushner, Founding Partner, Department of Here

• Making the Future City Centre Work for Everyone' Dr Mhairi McVicar, Project Lead of Community Gateway, Cardiff University

• Chair: Professor Peter Madden, OBE, Cardiff University

In the event we will
explore: What will the office be like in 2040? What will this mean for the CBD and its micro- economy? What does that mean for the commute? Will the city- centre be made up of new mixed communities? If so, who will shape them and how will citizens be engaged? In the light of this, what would a future-proofed city-centre strategy look like?

The other two events in this series are:

‘The City in 2040: Governing the Future City’,
16th September 2021

‘The City in 2040: Feeding the City of the Future’,
30th September 2021

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