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Cardiff Business School – Interactive Masterclass to Demonstrate the Power of Kata

Calendar Tuesday, 8 June 2021
Calendar 10:00-13:00

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Puzzle pieces – masterclass

Toyota Kata @University

With Tilo Schwarz and Graham Canning

Tuesday 8 June – 10am-1pm

Lean, Agile, Service Design, Systems Thinking … there are lots of different, brilliant, improvement methodologies out there, yet as anyone who attempts to leads these initiatives in organisations knows, getting everybody on board is not quite as easy as you might think. What is often needed is something deeper than a toolkit or a project plan, we need to address how employees mentally approach change. We need to help them to understand how to identify problems and how they can proactively deal with them. This is where Toyota Kata comes in. It directly tackles the ‘behavioural’ and ‘people’ element of the Toyota Production System to solve the problem of helping employees to buy into the fact that change is required and that they can personally do something about it.

Kata refers to the repetitive practice that people can undertake to train their brain to react instinctively. Toyota Kata is a structured approach to helping to shift people’s mindset towards problem solving and how to react instinctively to these problems. It is now also being practised in many sectors now as a ‘standalone’ Coaching framework or used to support methodologies such as Agile (in software development).

Session Overview

  • Introduction to Toyota Kata background and theory - the link to Neuroscience – how our brains ‘learn’ new habits
  • Engage in a Kata Simulation to demonstrate the power of the technique – Online activity based on ‘Kata in the Classroom’ structured team exercise – fully online and interactive
  • Improvement Kata & Coaching Kata insights and things to think about when bringing to your organisation.

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