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Placemaking of Territories in Treherbert

Calendar Thursday, 22 July 2021
Calendar 12:00-13:00

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Marga Munar Bauz√°, Welsh School of Architecture

Everyday life reveals that the notion of territory is interwoven with space and place. It is intrinsic to the act of inhabiting and occupying and the process of contesting and negotiating. Thus, a territory is political, spatial and temporal, established by the ever-changing links between people and the environment and the relationships between the community and its habitat and wider ecosystem.
This notion has been explored in a student design project in Treherbert. The project involves two interlinked phases moving from exploring the notion of the territory through the intersection of two disparate personas in Treherbert, to a multi-scalar proposition able to re-territorialise Treherbert and tested on a particular site of the proposition with an “architecture of territories”. This is an ongoing live project with the local community partnership “Welcome to Our Woods” which is taking ownership and becoming the steward of a significant portion of the surrounding woodlands through a Community Asset Transfer.

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