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Cardiff Business School - Breakfast Briefing with Llamau and Chwarae Teg

Calendar Wednesday, 24 March 2021
Calendar 08:30-09:30

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International Women’s Day with Chwarae Teg, Llamau and Cardiff Business School

Join us for a Breakfast Briefing where we review where we are in terms of women’s equality and focus in on a particular problem for Women, especially in these pandemic lockdown times, domestic abuse. Our focus will be what the Business Community can do to help advance women’s safety and prosperity.

Chwarae Teg

Wales’ leading gender equality charity Chwarae Teg wants Wales to become a world leader for gender equality. Their Gender Equality Review for Welsh Government outlines how this vision can be made a reality by changing not just what we do, but also how we do it. Chwarae Teg’s 2021 State of the Nation report follows up on the important questions raised, outlining how Wales is performing in relation to key indicators on gender equality. Employers have a part to play in ensuring that we achieve this as a nation. CEO, Cerys Furlong, will highlight findings from the State of the Nation 2021 report and talk about the advantages of creating a diverse workforce.


Homelessness charity Llamau are daring to imagine a world without homelessness, and are determined to achieve it. Llamau work with young people and women who are at risk or experiencing homelessness in Wales; focusing on prevention, providing safe accommodation, and support to move on. Domestic abuse is the leading cause of homelessness for women and one in three women in Wales will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime. This means that, in a workforce which employs 500 women, it is likely that around 166 of them will have experienced domestic abuse at some point in their lives. This is a truly shocking statistic, and one that every employer can play an active role in trying to prevent. As an employer, you can play a vital role by creating a working environment in which every employee feels confident and safe to seek or offer support with domestic abuse.

Join us for this session where we will begin to outline what you can do to help.

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