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Populism and the Governance for Sustainable Development in Troubled Times by Susan Baker and Matthew Quinn

Calendar Friday, 14 February 2020
Calendar 12:00-13:00

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Embedded in the normative principles of inter and intra generational equity, the promotion of sustainable development has come to be seen as requiring complex systems of multi-sector, multi-level governance, open to participatory and reflexive processes. However, governance practices have been reshaped by managerialist and neo-liberal trends, diverting practices away from the original sustainable development imaginary. Furthermore, governance efforts are now confronted with social, economic and political contexts characterised by austerity and populist politics. These ‘troubled times’ offer values that directly contradict the sustainable development imaginary. Particular attention is paid to the challenges that the rise of right-wing populism brings to governance for sustainable development. Please email if you have any accessibility requirements.