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What Has Come to Pass? Devolution in Planning Practice Twenty Years On

Calendar Friday, 8 November 2019
Calendar 10:30-15:30

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It has now been twenty years since devolution passed new planning powers to the UK’s nations, and with it a unique opportunity to diverge and develop their own unique planning systems. But what has come to pass over these twenty years? Has devolution met the expectations of planners and politicians at that time or have efforts to mould a contextually relevant and innovative planning system fallen flat?

To celebrate World Town Planning Day the School of Geography and Planning is bringing together senior planning professionals and academics from across the four nations of the UK, this event aims to reflect on what was envisioned for the UK’s devolved planning systems twenty years ago and what has actually been delivered. In doing so it seeks to better understand the ways in which planning practice, political devolution, and historical context have interacted to shape policy outcomes, explore the extent of policy mobility between nations over the past two decades, and imagine what the future might hold.

*This event will be delivered through the medium of English.