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Julian Tudor Hart Memorial Lecture

Calendar Thursday, 12 September 2019
Calendar 17:30-20:00

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The latest in this annual lecture series, now in its 13th year, is particularly poignant following the death of Dr Julian Tudor Hart in July 2018. Julian was a gifted physician whose pioneering work as a General Practitioner in the South Wales valleys in the 1960’s came to global prominence following the publication of his seminal work on ‘The Inverse Care Law’ in the Lancet in 1971. Arguably the first public recognition of ‘health inequalities’ this eloquent and challenging paper inspired many to take up the baton and challenge the inequities that he had highlighted at that time and that continue to the present day. However, his innovative approach to primary care extended well beyond the fight for social justice that he championed throughout his life, as he led the way in developing and promoting science and research alongside personal healthcare in general practice.

In a break from the traditional lecture format, it was Julian himself who had suggested the idea of a panel discussion to “shake things up a bit” and this year’s lecture provides an opportunity to do that as peers, colleagues and friends reflect on his impact on them, on general practice and on the future direction of healthcare in Wales and beyond.

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Glamorgan Building
Glamorgan Building
King Edward VII Avenue
CF10 3WA

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