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Science Pirates

Calendar Saturday, 14 September 2019
Calendar 10:30-15:30

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Famous scientists dressed as pirates

About activity: Muscles respond to exercise by getting bigger and stronger, but how do bones respond? To answer this question, we have used the contemporary escape room concept to develop a mental and physical adventure-based game to help participants figure out the answer. We have utilised a pirate-themed escape room (due to the association of skeletons with pirates and the signature symbol of pirate flags as a skull and crossed bones) with a digital element using QR codes as a medium to educate the public about bone biology. QR codes are scannable barcodes which can act as a link to a digital medium such as music, video, or games. Using a treasure map and decoding sheet, players navigate the escape room to identify answers needed to unlock a treasure box to escape. The decoding sheet encompasses questions related to bone biology, and the answers are found as QR codes which players have to scan using a tablet.

The activity can also be delivered in the Welsh language medium.

Menter Caerdydd
1st floor meeting room, Yr Hen Lyfrgell
The Hayes
CF10 1BH

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