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Cardiff University's Learning & Teaching Conference 2019

Calendar Wednesday, 11 September 2019
Calendar 09:00-17:00

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Learning & Teaching Conference 2019

Hosted by the Centre for Education Support & Innovation, Cardiff University's 2019 Learning & Teaching Conference will showcase examples of ‘Authentic Learning’ from across Cardiff University.  We are pleased to welcome Prof. Daniella Tilbury, a renowned specialist in sustainable education, to deliver the keynote.

The conference will showcase examples of ‘Authentic Learning’ from across Cardiff University.  While authentic experiences have long formed part of the student experience in a number of disciplines directly linked to specific professional practice, there is an increasing move across higher education to provide all students with tasks that emulate and / or help to prepare them for life after graduation.  Providing students with opportunities to engage in an active learning process through which they construct knowledge and develop skills in real-world contexts, can provide both more effective learning and help ensure they are better prepared for the work.  Introducing and assessing authentic learning in a traditional University environment and getting students to engage effectively with these requires a shift in the way we plan and deliver learning and teaching activities. The aim of this conference is to share lessons learned and best practice, including real examples of ‘what works’, within the theme of authentic learning.

Sub themes:

  • Developing employability
  • Developing global citizens
  • Developing engaging learning environments / communities
  • Developing authentic learning activities / learning experiences
  • Developing authentic assessments

Registration for talks and workshops will be circulated closer to the event.

Viriamu Jones Gallery
Cardiff University Main Building
Park Place
CF10 3AT

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